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V Hair Makeover Studio由在行内拥有21年经验的Vicky Por,于2018年所创立。Vicky不仅擅长发型设计,还提供整体形象设计服务,透过颜色测试搭配,找出适合自己的色调,让整体造型更符合个人气质。发廊使用Paul Mitchell美发品牌,确保顾客拥有靓丽造型之余,亦照顾发质健康。目前,这里采预约制,给您一对一的专业服务。

V Hair Makeover Studio

PRICE LIST 普通价 会员价 ( RM388 ,终身制)
洗 剪 RM20-80 RM14-56
烫发  RM100-800 RM70-560
染发  RM120-700 RM84-RM490
护理  RM100-400 RM70-RM245
V Hair Studio loyalty membership programme
This loyalty member programme offers various lucrative discount to all the customers of V Hair Studio. With this loyalty membership card all the customer can get 30% discount all year long.
Terms & conditions:
1- All members will have 30% of discount for all services in the salon except hair washing and hair blowing.
2- Membership privilege cannot be used if the total amount of expenses is less than RM50
3- 10%of discount for all items/ hair products which available in our salon.
4- Member discounts are not redeemable for cash.
5- Cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers / package.
6- Your membership card must be presented at the time of payment in order for you to receive the discount. (Exceptions can be considered after verification).
7- Membership birthday month get special discount in the month. (One month)
8- All prices are subjected to change without notice.

V Hair Makeover Studio
地址:11, Jalan Desiran Tanjung 8, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang.



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